Youtube changed the page layout!

youtubeHello internet,

Today, 1st of April 2010, Youtube have changed the page layout. [Not april fools’ day]
Many people have raged, Same as everytime and everywhere; like when facebook changes the layout every few months.

A lot of things have changed…

The new layout is vertical in a widescreen era.
The 5 stars rating is gone, Now its only thumbs up and down.
Almost everything have “expand” and “collapse” option.
If you clicked on one of the videos that showed up in the “subscription area” you’ll have an option on the right to automatically play the next video in subscriptions.[ad]
The comments section now shows the “Highest Rated Comments” and “Most Recent Comments”.
More sharing options.
More saving options. Not saving the actual video, Just adding it to a play list or to your favorites.
Your comments appears in yellow background

But anyway, as soon as people get used to it. They will stop complaining.

That’s all what I’ve find out already.

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Dunder April 2, 2010 at 1:49 AM

the style fucking sucks


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