What’s new in iPhone OS 4?

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As we all expected, Apple has revealed the new iPhone OS 4.0, This update has been a long way coming.

What’s new in iPhone OS 4?

A lot, And I have to admit that Apple have worked really hard for this one.

Finally and as everyone have been expecting, And hoping so much, The new OS will have Multitasking
Steve jobs said that Apple is not the first to include this feature but they will be the best at it.

Local Notifications
Its like push notifications but without a server in between.

You guessed right, Its a better way to organize the installed applications. You can create folders for different types of applications like a folder for Games, One for documents … etc, Allowing you to drag and drop icons into the folders easily.

The ability to read online stuff, Like on the iPad

Game Center
A gaming network like Xbox live where you can be paired up with users of your same level of skill… etc.

An advertising network, All the ads will be served in HTML5.
Developers will get an “industry standard” of 60% of the cash made from advertising

Mail improvements

I’m a developer, What’s new for me?

The new iPhone 4.0 operating system will give developers full access to tons of new APIs (SDK), Still and video camera data, Full map overlays, Quick Look and 5x digital zoom.
Date data detectors.
Address data detectors.
Automated testing.
Calendar access.
Performance profiling tools.
Embed PDF metadata.
Draggable map annotations.
Full map overlays.
Power analysis tools.
Carrier informations.
Call even notifications.
Quick look.
Half-curl page transition.
Image I/O.
Photo library access.
Data formatters.
In-app SMS.
Regular expression matching.


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