How you can live to 100: Surprising tips

The US already has over 90,000 centenarians, and numbers are steadily increasing. New research from Denmark has shown it is likely that most babies born in high income countries after 2000 will see their 10oth birthday, living on average 20 more years than those born before. Drink green tea Those who drink 5+ cups of […]

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Facebook Tips & Tricks

Hello everyone, Facebook is the number 1, the best and the most successful social networking site. Despite how widely used the facebook is, There are a LOT of things people don’t know about facebook. So I decided to share some tips and tricks about the facebook with you guys. 1. Full albums downloading. Lets assume […]

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Tips to have a better and more comfortable time on the internet.

Alright falks, Today I’m giving you few tips that -when followed- will cause your head to radiate “INTERNET EXPERT” like a big, bright neon sign. Just kidding, It won’t! But trust me, This is for your own good. Lets get started… Never ever use the terms “AOL” and “Internet” as if they were completely the […]

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