Google allows SSL encrypted & secure web search

Let’s assume that you’re setting in a cafe or a hotel lobby enjoying the free open high speed WiFi surfing the web, But you’re a little bit annoyed because you want to make a private search that the hotel or the local cafe don’t see. That was a serious problem for some, Until Google came […]

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How to: Make search results URL clean and simple

Don’t you hate those ugly URLs of search results pages with all these “hl& aq aqi aq” extra parameters and when you want to email or send a Google search link to someone you start trimming it and clean up all the extra parameters every time. Well, I do! Good news! Google Chrome has a […]

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How to: Disable the new sidebar from google search

Not a fan of the new sidebar in Google’s search results page? Like most of you guys have noticed, google has changed the look of the search results page, But there are many folks out there don’t like changes. So, Here’s how to hide or disable this new sidebar… First off, You’ll need GreaseMoney plugin […]

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