Apple makes people stupid?

Apple makes people stupid? Image related…

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35 Reasons why iPad sucks & the best alternatives

Hello people, I respect Apple and I do love some of their products, However, Recently they came up with a new device called the iPad. Their marketing techniques, and the people buying anything with an apple logo on it made a HUGE fuss and hype about the iPad. But later, It turns out that the […]

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Apple New ipod Touch 2nd Generation Guided Tour and New Features. 2008

Apple ipod Touch 2g Guided Tour and New Features. September 2008 *There is a 3rd Generation ipod touch available now for $199(8GB), $299(32GB), and $399(64GB) New Apple imacs (Fall 2009) To answer a common question: the game at 1:43 is called “Enigmo”

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