Skinny girls are NOT hot!

Hello people,

I’ve been seeing that for years now and I never got it… Calling some skinny, boney girls hot?!
You know what pisses me off more than that, Is how girls started acting toward this; Sometime I see great shaped girls talking like “I’m on diet, I’m so fat!”. You see? People have changed others’ minds and changed the standards of beauty and hotness. I mean, For god’s sake. What makes those skinny girls hot, and makes really hot chicks “fat”?? Their flat butt?! How you wonder if this is a girl or a 12 year old Chinese boy? [Respect to all the 12 year old Chinese boys, You’re great.]

When I look to girl, I don’t wanna see ribs and bones; I’d rather want to see curves.

Those curvey girls are not “fat”; I’d better call them normal healthy girls. So please guys, Stop changing others’ minds and standards.[ad]

Those are my 2 cents for tonight.

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