How to: Remove Youtube’s new subscription / autoplay gray bar

Few days ago YouTube became more ‘bloated’ with a new feature. The gray autoplay bar!

Most of you guys must have noticed it, It is horrible and set Autoplay to “ON” by default; You have to turn it off everytime.
I like to drop a comment sometimes after watching a video, Now I don’t even read comments as it jumps to the next video which I don’t want to watch!

So, Here’s few ways and tips to get rid of that bar…

1. GreaseMoney script (Firefox)
Install GreaseMoney plugin for Firefox:
Then load this user scripts in it:
The bar is now gone.

2. Youtube Subscription Bar And Autoplay Remover (Google Chrome)
This one is a Google Chrome extensions that you can get from here:
Just hit Install and you’re done.

3. AdBlock Plus
AdBlock Plus is a browser extension that works on both Firefox, Chrome and Safari Here’s the download like:
After installing it go to Tools > Adblock Plus > and click “Add filter” > Paste in the following lines

Now hit Save and the bar should stop appearing.

4. Removing URL extra parameters
This one isn’t permanent, In the URL of the video, delete´╗┐ everything from “&playnext=....” onward. So that the new URL should look like , Then hit enter!


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AltReso August 23, 2010 at 7:29 PM

It worked!
My god this was SO annoying, Thanks Ted


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