How to decode encoded themes / templates?

ecode-phpDid you ever had a theme or a template that you really liked but it contained hidden links that you couldn’t remove? Or maybe the footer was stuffed with unwanted links and when you wanted to remove them, You found out that the footer file is encrypted or encoded!

The solution is very simple!
I’m not going to go thought how the actual decryption can be done, I’ll just keep it simple. You don’t have to be a PHP geek or a developer of any kind.

1. Just go to your footer.php file (or whatever file it is), It should look something like that like this…

<­?php eval(base64_decode("4c2JHeHNiR3hzYkNnMk1Da3VJajhpTmFsKCRsb4c2J HeHNiR3hzYkNnMk1Da3VJajhpTmFsKCRsbGxsbGxsbGw==")) ?>

2. Now add the following line at the very beginning of the file, before anything.

3. And another line at the end of the file…

4. Save the file and upload it to your server.

5. Go to your web site, You may want to press (Ctrl+F5) if you’re using Firefox to avoid viewing the page from the cache.

6. Go to View menu and View source (Ctrl+U)
Scroll down and you’ll see the output HTML of the encrypted file, It will be between the two lines that we just added.

7. Copy this piece of HTML and paste it in the encrypted file and save it. You’ll replace the old encrypted code with another HTML code that you can read and edit!
(Beware not to infringe someone’s copyright, That’s not good!)

Now you’re probably wondering about how you didn’t think about that before! 🙂
Good luck.


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