How to: Make even more from tech support!

Hello folks,

Its been a whiles since I last made a blog post, I’ve been busy with a lot of things. But from now on I promise that I’ll be posting on regular basis again 🙂

Today’s post is inspired from one of my friends who is a computer technician, It is about how to make even more from technical support when the client’s computer is being slow, virus infected, or just not working as it should be.

So here are the detailed steps:

1. Tell the client to back up any important files.

2. Take the computer from the client to your house/workspace (Somewhere the client can’t see what you’re doing).

3. Wait 24 hours and don’t even touch it. If the client calls, tell them that you’re running diagnostics.

4. Copy the contents of the client’s HDD to yoru NAS (Preferably in a folder named like that “July-05-2010 Steve’s Laptop”)

5. DBAN (, Format and install Windows (Window 7 should be cool)

6. Clean out the dust if you feel like it.

Give the computer back and tell the client that it was badly compromised to save. Charge the client for your services (1 day of work + format, cleaning & reinstall fee)

They’ll be ecstatic about how fast the machine is! But invariably they will have forgotten to back up some stupid files. Tell them that data recovery is hard and isn’t cheap. (Since you DBAN’d the drive, there’s no chance of them going to anyone but you, but you’re not gonna tell them that).

Once they see how much professional data recovery can be, Your prices will seem relatively cheap. I know people making more money from “data recovery” than the actual repair!

That’s it, So… What do you think? Are you going to do that? or you’ll stick to another ‘tech‘niques?
Or maybe you’re a client who was in the same situation one day?!


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Mark July 14, 2010 at 10:12 PM

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it


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