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HOW TO: Monitor your computer’s hardware temperature?!

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So, You bought a new computer or probably having some sort of hardware issues or just want to make sure that your hardware temperature is not going any high, AND without restarting and checking the temperature from the Bios. How to keep your computer’s hardware temperature monitored? There are a lot of applications that monitors […]

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How to: List Firefox’s addons, plugins and themes

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Today I’ll be teaching you how to make a list of all Firefox’s plugins, addons, extensions and themes with AND without using any third party applications! So you can share the list anytime you want with your friends, or when reporting a bug or a conflict about Firefox. It is very simple and easy…

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The anatomy of a video file

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The title of the post seems to be a bit nerdy, But trust me, Its not and I’ll keep this as simple as possible. The container: This specifies how the information is stored in the video file. Different containers can store different kinds of data. The container has no effect on CPU usage, just on […]

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Adobe Creative Suite 5 (CS5) Now Available

Alright folks, Lets put all the Mac/Adobe hate aside and get excited for the latest new Adobe Creative Suite 5 (CS5) which is now available! There are 5 different editions of the new CS5 and totals of 15 new product. Besides the new versions of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premiere, Illustrator and InDesign Adobe Creative Suite 5 […]

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What’s new in iPhone OS 4?

Hello internet, As we all expected, Apple has revealed the new iPhone OS 4.0, This update has been a long way coming. What’s new in iPhone OS 4? A lot, And I have to admit that Apple have worked really hard for this one. Finally and as everyone have been expecting, And hoping so much, […]

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Firefox plugin crashes will no longer affect the browser

Mozilla has released a new beta version of Firefox Lorentz which will isolate the plugin crashes from interruptting or affecting your browser. So, If a plugin that you have in firefox crashes or freezes, it will not affect the rest of Firefox! You will be able to

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