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HOW TO: Monitor your computer’s hardware temperature?!

So, You bought a new computer or probably having some sort of hardware issues or just want to make sure that your hardware temperature is not going any high, AND without restarting and checking the temperature from the Bios. How to keep your computer’s hardware temperature monitored? There are a lot of applications that monitors […]

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What is a Yottabyte, How big is it?

In technology fields things are developed and improved more and faster than anything else. It even doubles every 1.5 years or so. In 2040 everyone will be a total nerd! Recently, I’ve heard about a computer storage measurement unit called “Yottabyte”. To tell you how big a Yottabyte is and how much data it can […]

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35 Reasons why iPad sucks & the best alternatives

Hello people, I respect Apple and I do love some of their products, However, Recently they came up with a new device called the iPad. Their marketing techniques, and the people buying anything with an apple logo on it made a HUGE fuss and hype about the iPad. But later, It turns out that the […]

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