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Microsoft announces the launch time of Project Natal

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Like the image says, “You are the controller”. This is the concept on which the idea of Microsoft’s project natal is based on. It is a full body motion controller giving you an amazing gaming experience! Now, Project Natal was all but confirmed for launch by

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Apple makes people stupid?

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Apple makes people stupid? Image related…

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What’s new in iPhone OS 4?

Hello internet, As we all expected, Apple has revealed the new iPhone OS 4.0, This update has been a long way coming. What’s new in iPhone OS 4? A lot, And I have to admit that Apple have worked really hard for this one. Finally and as everyone have been expecting, And hoping so much, […]

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The first iPod commercial ever

Alright folks, This is the the FIRST iPod commercial ever made!!! Please comment below and tell me what you think; Hope you’ll like it. Ted

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The First iPod Ever Introduction in the Apple Music Event – 2001

Alright people, Here’s something I thought I’d share with your here. This is Steve Jobs with his black T-shirt that he wears whenever he goes in public (EVERYTIME) introducing the very first iPod device at a low key event in 2001. The rest is history. Hope you like it, Ted.

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Running ipod / iphone OS on Mac Pro

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