How to: List Firefox’s addons, plugins and themes

Today I’ll be teaching you how to make a list of all Firefox’s plugins, addons, extensions and themes with AND without using any third party applications! So you can share the list anytime you want with your friends, or when reporting a bug or a conflict about Firefox. It is very simple and easy…

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How to: Enable right clicks if disabled on web pages

Today I was on WordPress’s support forum looking at some thread when I came a cross a thread where OP is asking for a support and site reviewing. First thing I noticed was that there’s not any title for the home page, Hmm… That’s when I made a right-click to see the page source and […]

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How to: Make search results URL clean and simple

Don’t you hate those ugly URLs of search results pages with all these “hl& aq aqi aq” extra parameters and when you want to email or send a Google search link to someone you start trimming it and clean up all the extra parameters every time. Well, I do! Good news! Google Chrome has a […]

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