June 2010

HOW TO: Make a list of your files or folders quickly

Ever wanted to send a list of the movies you have to one of your friends? Or maybe wanted print a list of MP3 files that you have, Or share a list of albums with your friends on the internet? But copying the file or folder names one by one would take so much time, […]

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What is a Yottabyte, How big is it?

In technology fields things are developed and improved more and faster than anything else. It even doubles every 1.5 years or so. In 2040 everyone will be a total nerd! Recently, I’ve heard about a computer storage measurement unit called “Yottabyte”. To tell you how big a Yottabyte is and how much data it can […]

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How to: Enable right clicks if disabled on web pages

Today I was on WordPress’s support forum looking at some thread when I came a cross a thread where OP is asking for a support and site reviewing. First thing I noticed was that there’s not any title for the home page, Hmm… That’s when I made a right-click to see the page source and […]

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