So, You bought a new computer or probably having some sort of hardware issues or just want to make sure that your hardware temperature is not going any high, AND without restarting and checking the temperature from the Bios.

How to keep your computer’s hardware temperature monitored?

There are a lot of applications that monitors your hardware’s temperature, But this one I’m about to tell you about is the best I’ve came across so far; It is Read More…


Today I’ll be teaching you how to make a list of all Firefox’s plugins, addons, extensions and themes with AND without using any third party applications!
So you can share the list anytime you want with your friends, or when reporting a bug or a conflict about Firefox. It is very simple and easy… Read More…

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How to decode encoded themes / templates?

Did you ever had a theme or a template that you really liked but it contained hidden links that you couldn’t remove? Or maybe the footer was stuffed with unwanted links and when you wanted to remove them, You found out that the footer file is encrypted or encoded! The solution is very simple! I’m […]

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The anatomy of a video file

The title of the post seems to be a bit nerdy, But trust me, Its not and I’ll keep this as simple as possible. The container: This specifies how the information is stored in the video file. Different containers can store different kinds of data. The container has no effect on CPU usage, just on […]

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How reCAPTCHA works and how to mess with it!

The fault of reCAPTCHA lies in the fact that it is used to digitize non-digital texts maybe to OCR the web, as well as stop spam. What this means is that in every captcha, there will be two words: One that the computer knows is right and will compare and check your text against and […]

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How to: Remove Youtube’s new subscription / autoplay gray bar

Few days ago YouTube became more ‘bloated’ with a new feature. The gray autoplay bar! Most of you guys must have noticed it, It is horrible and set Autoplay to “ON” by default; You have to turn it off everytime. I like to drop a comment sometimes after watching a video, Now I don’t even […]

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